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PowerHash® is not only a world-class cloud mining service. We are seeking to extend business to the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Find your way to get profit!

Cloud mining

PowerHash® core service. Our fundamental goal is to ensure the up-to-date equipment and lowest electricity prices for our clients. Also we have very competitive fees for currency exchange and funds withdrawal. Read more...


To date, trading is carried out only within the PowerHash® internal profit. However, in the near future our experts will go beyond making internal profits and we will open the opportunity of trading with PowerHash® for all customers. Read more...


For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. Therefore, PowerHash® is constantly evolving and seeking for third-party investors for co-development. In return, we offer a share fraction of our company and therefore dividend payments in full. Read more...

Accepted currencies

We in PowerHash® strongly believe that cooperation with us should be an easy and transparent process, so we are accepting payments in the currencies that we are operating with and that we produce in the mining process. We are also ready to accept fiat currencies, but since there are lots of unreliable payment systems, we decided to connect the one and only trust-worthy main payment instrument-aggregator that includes all types of popular payment methods from Paypal to global banks. Thanks to this feature, you can make a deposit in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency you are interested in.

  • Payments are provided in cryptocurrency for cloud mining profit withdrawal and in USD for shareholders dividend payment

Why choose us?

Here are your 3 main reasons to work with PowerHash® that truly are the advantages of our company over many others.


Reward system.

Since we work closely with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges they offer PowerHash® a special system of discounts and favorable conditions. One of the biggest benefits they can give is airdrop - and we offer our partners to become the owners of this airdrop*. For our part, we reward our users for their activity by Reward Points*. Having reached the sufficient amount of reward points required for a particular good, the customer is able to trade them for digital goods and mining equipment.

*Available for accounts whose status is not lower than "Investor"

Cryptocurrency Calculator

Here you can calculate the cost of exchange of many cryptocurrencies (not only those that are represented here) and find out their rates vis-a-vis one another.

Time Income BTC Income %

Cloud mining profitability calculator.

Here you can find out how profitable it is to invest in our cloud mining service and calculate profit margins you will receive based to the currencies represented on PowerHash®

Simply enter the number of GH/s you're going to purchase or enter the amount of the currency you are interested in.

Latest News

Stay tuned for something awesome with PowerHash®.


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Server troubleshooting

Jul 25 2019 Our News

Dear clients, yesterday we had a really bad day.

There was a fire that affected our server. We struggled with fire, but sometimes there is nothing humans can do with the forc...


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