Our Future

What's coming up?

PowerHash® is a dynamically developing company, that's why accelerating progress in one area entails doing the same for other areas. This year we started with cloud mining.

Cloud mining is widely used all over the world, but only PowerHash® is able to provide the best conditions for its customers.

Cloud mining with PowerHash® is sustainable and profitable, thus reducing expenditures of electricity. Combined with high performance of mining equipment this allows us to establish lowest fees for withdrawal and exchange operations. These pros made PowerHash® the leader of the cloud mining market in 2019!

Our Advantage in Cloud Mining

  • Reducing Expenditures of Electricity
  • High Performance of Mining Equipment
  • Lowest Fees for Withdrawal and Exchange Operations


Our near-term plans include consider changing our company investments portfolio and co-investment with our customers in individual projects.

We're going to open up this direction in a few months (the time frames are subject to change, so follow the news).

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of our website and the ultimate level of security (riskless safekeeping of clients personal and business assets, suspicious activities monitoring and secure connection with our servers) our clients can store all assets on one account and use it for all types of investments at the same time. We also expect to open a trading direction by the end of 2019 - beginning of 2020. Our experienced traders are currently working only for the internal profits, but in the near future we will open this direction and give our clients the opportunity to trade crypto assets without leaving PowerHash®.

This feature will allow our clients to avoid any withdrawal fees and that's another pro to PowerHash® compared with other trading platforms!

And since PowerHash® is a highly reliable partner of the world's leading cryptocurrency trading exchanges our clients will be rewarded by exchanges by increased airdrops, maximum set of trading tools and completely free trading trainings.

Investment with PowerHash® is:

  • Guaranteed fee-free instant withdrawal
  • Contributing in the fastest growing industry in the world
  • Round-the-clock support of a professional team of investors

More Prospects

We are a modern company run by young and reliable people who quickly respond to the customers' needs and efficiently meet the changing market requirements. That’s why PowerHash® team is seeking for experienced employees, business partners, customers and just good friends! We want to do something good for PowerHash® family in addition to providing high quality services.

And here we go! Our management has decided to hold annual meetings of our clients, partners and investors in a relaxed atmosphere in different parts of the world.

And we are going to hold our first "We Are PowerHash" meeting in London in December 2019!

During this meeting all interested investors, customers and partners will be invited to visit our mining data center and head office in Iceland*. After the return transfer to London there will be a private party for PowerHash® VIP clients. All events are completely free! *After receiving the invitation please contact us if you have flying phobia. Also we will provide a personal driver and some surprising bonuses for our VIP clients. Enjoy London with PowerHash®!

"We Are PowerHash" will let you meet owners and co-owners of the company, as well as enjoy the invited stars performance, various entertainment and the best buffet on the Thames River! We have planned many pleasant surprises for you, so do not miss the main cryptocurrency event of the year!