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PowerHash® core service. Our fundamental goal is to ensure the up-to-date equipment and lowest electricity prices for our clients. Also we have very competitive fees for currency exchange and funds withdrawal. What cloud mining has always been is an interaction between the end user (customer) and the manufacturer of mining equipment. The expensiveness of mining equipment and complexity of its connection and optimal configuration as well as the need of constant monitoring and high energy costs makes an average person reluctant to sink into the cryptocurrency mining technology.

But thanks to companies that invest in the mining technology the world of cryptocurrencies is available for an average person. Those companies are purchasing the mining equipment and hiring competent employees (engineers, managers and analysts), who in turn offer to buy any part of the computing power of the equipment for anyone.

Thus, you won't need to seek tons of mining and technical information on setting up the equipment, as well as waste money on expensive equipment that will force you to cover the electricity billings and is needed to be monitored 24/7.

All you need is just rent some GH/s in PowerHash®

Welcome to the world of cloud mining!

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Simple set up your account and make a deposit. We have the fastest bitcoin mining hardware running for you already!
You can mine any cryptocurrency available in our list! Choose your mining power or trade currencies on the fly with no fee with our cloud mining service.
We have the lowest price on electricity, management and purchasing costs in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Get the most profit while mining with PowerHash®. Always.

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