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About Investment

For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. Therefore, PowerHash® is constantly evolving and seeking for third-party investors for co-development. In return, we offer a share fraction of our company and therefore dividend payments in full.

By investing in our company and buying PowerHash® shares you become a part of "the PowerHash® family", so you can count on the round-the-clock support from our specialists as well as the implementation of all commitments under the contract. Also we have a well designed reward system for our investors (For example there will be invitations to the private investors meetings that will be held worldwide. And now for the icing on the cake: PowerHash® will pay for the flight and accommodation of investors with "Super VIP" status.)

During 2019 and 2020, there will be not only the opportunity of buying shares of our company, but also we will open the possibility of long-term or short-term investments in our projects and directions on the basis of interest payments from the company's profits in these areas.

More details will be announced later.


Questions About Investments

We provide a highly secure and stable investment service for global users with professional technology. Moreover, investing with PowerHash® you are assisting innovations and making the world a better place.
PowerHash® investments are focused on innovations and safety of cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency networks need computational power to run securely and due to the rapid growth of the ecosystem, mining operations today are mostly running with specialized hight-perfomance equipment. Thus, your investment with PowerHash® will help to provide more secure and profitable mining. We call it "The profitability loop".
Besides making profits, investment with PowerHash® is also a contribution to the fast growing cryptocurrency ecosystem, from launching awareness campaigns to releasing mining software. This is the fuel of your investment, your guarantor of successful and secure growth.

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