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About Trading

To date, trading is carried out only within the PowerHash® internal profit. However, in the near future our experts will go beyond making internal profits and we will open the opportunity of trading with PowerHash® for all customers. We will announce it shortly, so stay tuned.

We conduct a large turnover of crypto assets (personal and raised) and since just keeping these assets while they are not in demand to the withdrawal is financially unwise we have hired high-class traders from all around the world to get additional profit.

To date, this direction is new for us and we are only collecting information, but it's already clear that this is a profitable direction and it needs to be developed not only within the company, but also with the involvement of private investment.

During 2019, we expect to introduce the opportunity to invest in trading with PowerHash® (based on a percentage of profits). Also during this year we want to introduce the possibility to trade on the exchange without leaving our service - it is very convenient as far as you will be free from paying commissions and fees for currency exchange and withdrawal on third-party services.

Our team

Traders Experts

Every person in our trading team is an experienced professional with rich trading prowess. We will introduce you our traders more closely after the direction opening announcement.


Emma Viess

Head analyst

Marie Dowson


Jacqueline Hearnsley


Jane Brown


Questions About Trading

This direction is currently closed for customers. We will announce the opening soon, so stay tuned!

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